February 11, 2012


Here is some honesty: I was afraid to have my birthday in Ecuador. I even told my mom that I didn't want February 10th to come. Why? Well, I was away from the people I know and love so well. I was away from my family, my friends, my cousins, and niece and nephews. I did not want to celebrate because I knew it would make me miss home. I did not want to make a big deal about the day, but God had other plans. 

God blessed me with a great group of people who wanted to make me feel special. My birthday started off great. The R.A.s made breakfast; pancakes, eggs, and coffee. It was for double celebration. My birth and the last day of Spanish class for two weeks! Then after class I came to the apartment with roses and chocolate from the girls. My cards from home were there to. 

After Skyping a friend, which was on my birthday wish list, I got ready to go out with the whole crew. We snapped some pictures on the rooftop, then headed down to Old Quito. We ate at restaurant that is known for the rooftop view. And boy did the have a great view. Thankfully the rain stopped and we actually got to eat on the roof. From there you can see the Bascillica (a huge church), and the statue on the hill. Then a 360 view of the city. I think Quito is more pretty at night because of all the lights. I enjoyed a great grilled sandwich and a delicious birthday cake from the restaurant. I even got to wear a funny hat. After we finished dinner I thought the night was over. But little did I know- there was cake and  ice cream waiting at the apartment. Which was great because I still had a sweet tooth. (I shared the first piece, it only seemed right). I think I have eaten my share of cake for a year. 

All my roommates 

I was very blessed on this day. God showed me that was blessed to be celebrating a birthday in Ecuador. As much of love I have for the people back at home. I'm thankful I get to share these memories only with the people of Study Abroad. 

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