January 31, 2012

 Well, today my adventure was cooking for all 11 girls in the house. We have decided that twice a week two people will cook 'community' dinners. So my roomie and I went shopping for ingrediants on Sunday and Tonight we prepared them. Our menu: baked chicken, rice, salad, and zucchini. I was a little nervous buying supplies because everything was in Spanish. The only thing we really got wrong was the greens for the salad. It was more earthy then normal, but I actually liked it. I found myself nervous in the kitchen. We have gas powering the apartment so learning how to use a gas stove and oven was fun. Thankfully we have a window in the kitchen because at first it smelt like gas and not seasoned chicken. We had to fight with a small oven, altitude, and poor kitchen supplies. But I am happy to say that dinner was served at 6:30pm; our goal. I realized I loved cooking. I may not be super experienced but I know if I keep trying I'm going to get better and not be afraid of failing. Also, I learned that 20 pieces of chicken may not be enough for 11 girls. And to always make more salad when ladies are in company. I've got to improve on the rice. I like mine the way my mom does it, so I'm going to try again with that. Tonight, we celebrated one of the girl's birthday. The guys came over after dinner and we had brownies and ice cream. ( another thing I learned was the box brownies in the states are way better). It doesn't feel like a Tuesday night. I need to start picking up my study time. And I need to learn Spanish. Fast.

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