January 29, 2012


Yesterday, my adventure took me to the cloud forest and the Equator. In the cloud forest we went on zip lines. 13 zip lines that took us over the forest for a birds eye view of God's creation. I got to do tricks on the zip lines. So I did a superman pose, which I compare that to flying, and the second I was upside down the whole way. So all I saw was white. It was really cool, however, I was done with being upside down for a long time. We had to hike a bit but it wasn't to hot or to cold so I didn't mind. Plus it was like a workout. We ate lunch after zip lining then we went to the Equator. Yup, I stood on the middle of the world. All points marked zero. I thought the Equator was pretty cool, however, I loved flying through the air. For dinner we went to the most American spot I think the country has. Which I really liked. The menu was in English. What a blessing!

This isn't me but I did that. 

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