January 25, 2012

Day 1

Well I made it to Houston then Panama. I'm currently taking words from a piece of paper I'm transferring my post from paper to blog. For one, I've gotten very bored on the flights, and two-this way I don't forget little details. I made it to Houston just fine. I actually met Jenna in the food court who is doing the semester to. It was funny because we both thought we were each other, but weren't quite sure. I defiantly felt a little like a creeper. Anyways, she had booked a later flight straight to Quito, so I am bored my flight to Panama alone. Panama airport was nuts. For one, I tried connecting to the Internet first thing. I felt kinda strange needing it so much. I had to make a conscious effort to not turn my phone on. So Rochelle, that means no texting! Its weird how attached I've gotten to instant communication. I feel like if I'm noticing that directly. It just might be a long semester. Panama's airport was in Spanish and some English. Yet, I still felt very out of place. I didn't even know when to board- I just got in line when other did. I think there are about 20 people on this flight. And this plane is huge. So far I'm thankful for an easy trip- well haven't gotten through customs or gotten my luggage. I'm thankful that I met Jenna. I'm thankful for my passport, my new backpack my mom let me take from her closet. And I'm thankful for my little blue velcrow organizer I have all my import documents in. But they haven't gotten smooshed yet. The only problem with that sucker is all 20 people know when I'm opening it. Who knew velcrow was so loud. I'm just about to hit my limit of flying. I'll be landing soon. Can't wait to meet everyone-until the next post I'm going to continue to listen to my College Mix Playlist. 

Those were my thoughts last night when I was on the plane.

Not much to happen today. We had orientation today all day. And did a lot of walking. The altitude is killing me. Just walking up the street my heart rates goes up, and don't even get me started on the stairs. Those are really kicking my butt. The group has really stuck together today, and I think that will continue for the rest of the week. I'm excited for the weekend. We are going zip lining. I got a little sun burnt today. It didn't rain, which was a big deal I guess. My roommates are a lot of fun. All of the girls seem to get a long well so far. The R.A.s are great as well. We have 2 in our apartment. Then the guys have one. Quito is really pretty. We have a mountain right behind our house. Which make for a great view. I can't wait to start learning Spanish, because I hate being in a country and not knowing their language. Sleep time for me. O, Abby, I got the top bunk. So I understand a lot more why you don't make your bed all the time. Its a pain in the butt! Also, I finally got unpacked. I think I have the most clothes, and almost the most shoes. But o well, that always seems to happen.


  1. We love you, Victoria! Have a fantastic time in Ecuador... we'll be praying for you everyday :)
    Love, Kirsten

  2. So glad you made it safely, Victoria! Enjoy! We love you!