December 23, 2011

Thursday Happenings

Today I was woken up by my brother-in-law asking for help. My beautiful sister got sick and they needed someone to watch the kids. So I got up, picked up the two little blondes and had a delicious breakfast at home. I decided that since my father was sick as well the best place for the kiddos was outside. We put our jackets and shoes on and found the gator. Finn and Noah love being on the dairy. Lately, I've been spending more time on the dairy which feels good. Ok let's be real, more time means taking both sets if nephews and niece on the dairy two days in a row. But today I actually went all the way to the back. I discovered The City of Phoenix put a fence up at the end of the property. When did that happen? That made me sad. Riding around on the gator reminded me of the days when I had a dirt bike. My brother and I got a small one for Christmas one year. We rode it a lot and out grew it. We got bigger ones and eventually I got a yellow 150 Yamaha. I really like that thing. I'd always beg my brother to let me ride with him. He'd always go really far and to cool places like the grocery store and to grandma's house. So riding with Finn and Noah was a good reminder of the time I spent outside when I was little. We watched hay be stacked under the barns. That reminded me of building hay forts. We would make some insense forts; they even included a bathroom. We watched a calf be bottle fed. That reminded me of when I fed calves early in the morning for one summer.

After taking the kids in the dairy, my mom and I buckled them up in the car, poured ourselves coffee and headed to my two doctor appointments. I went to the back cracker (I can't spell the actually name for it) and then I had to get shots. Yup, shots. Like the ones where they stick a needle in your arm. I had to get 5. 5 needles were poked into my muscles. O boy. Let's just say it was a good thing she had me lay down. Also my arm feels like Rochelle hit it a couple times (live you girl). I am surprised they have not bruised. They means both arms. I got two shots in one arm and three in the other. So after all of this you would thing I'd get a Winnie the Pooh or Toy Story themed band aid... Nope. I got those lame ugly brown actually effective band aids. Lame I know. I didn't even get a sticker.

After taking the boys home, I took a well deserved nap. I made a food label holders for the Van Hofwegen Christmas tomorrow. For the small amount of work they actually turned out cute. Tonight my brother, mom and I finishe some Christmas shopping and had dinner. We normally have a big family last minute shopping night. This year it was just us 3. I missed my whole family. Especially Megan and James. But it makes me even more excited to see my family on Christmas. I finished the night again in my dad's chair. I might be starting to miss the screams of the freshman girls on my floor.


  1. Victoria Noelle. I'm not going to tell you that I miss you already. And I'm not going to tell you that a floor full of screaming freshmen girls (or mainly their RA) is not going to be the same without you. I'm also not going to tell you how to spell chiropractor. I am going to tell you that reading this blog post especially the first paragraph full of old AZ memories was a glorious view into the past life of VVH. You've been alive for 19+ years now and I've only been apart of less than two of them. The more I learn about you, the more my curiosity is satisfied. Keep up the good posting :)

  2. thank you sis for coming to my rescue yesterday morning! that was a gift in itself to sacrifice your day to watch my boys while i was stuck in bed. sounds like you guys had such a fun time exploring the dairy, i'm sure they loved it! 'i remember you from last time' :) love you! kay