December 17, 2011

Mass Media

Comm 231- Mass Media and Society - Dr. Mattson

Looking back on this class I realize it was not as bad as I always thought it was. This class studied the different types of media outlets. Different media outlets are TV, Radio, Public Relations, Music, Movies, Journalism, Newspapers, etc. We studied the history, trends and issues found within the media outlet. We also spent all out of our conversations on how the media outlet effected, good or bad, liberal democracy. Because I am in a communication major, a lot of my classes are conversational based. Dr. Mattson did a good job of encouraging the class to hold conversations that challenged the media and asked us to think of ways to improve it. Being in this type of class was challenging to me. I do not like to talk in big classes, especially when there are a bunch of upper upperclassman in it. I did learn a lot from this class. I also read a big called Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives by Todd Gitlin. I recommend this book if anyone wants a good read. Its not a text book but it does challenge you to think. 

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