November 7, 2011

Service Day

I finally get a chance to blog about my service day. Abby and Megan from Decker Floor went to Palos CRC and did a service day. We woke up before the sun did and had breakfast at their youth center. Then we headed out and raked leaves at an elderly couple's house. For one I think it was the first time I raked more than five leaves. I enjoyed it. I think if I did not have gloves on then I would not have enjoyed it so much. After we raked leaves we went to another women's house. Before Abby and I went on this service day we hoped that we  would meet an elderly women who would invite us over to Sunday dinner. At the second house we met Daloris. She was the sweetest women. We took down her awning and put on her windows for the winter. After we finished that she asked us into her house and she asked us to dinner! It was the best thing that God gave us that day. We are going to her house November 20. Right before Thanksgiving break. That week is going to be so good.

So that was my awesome service day story. I know that you are suppose to bless other people when you serve, but instead I was blessed. I am very grateful for that.

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