September 18, 2011

Thoughtful thinking

I have been here at Trinity for 3 weeks now. OK, first off, when I think about it like that, It seems so slow, but the weeks have been going fast, and I am getting into a small routine. My days start around 8 am. I don't have class until 9 on Monday Wednesday and Friday. They don't start until 12:30 on Tuesday and Thursday. I am having a hard time with starting so late on Tuesday/Thursday because I have time to dread class. I am working three jobs, but they have small hours, so it doesn't seem like three jobs. But I am thankful for the money I can save, and use for fun activities.

Last night, while getting dress (we went to D.C.s) I was thinking how blessed I was to be living in South Hall again. Abby and I made a commitment to living with Rochelle before we knew she was in South. I think we both assumed they would never place her in West. I sometimes wish I was living in Tibstra because that is where my friends are, but I am so glad I am not in West. There is just something about it that I do not like. Granted I have never lived there, but when I walk through it is always deserted. I will have to say the freshman are lacking in using the lobby-we pride ourselves in having the best lobby. It gets dead around 9 in South. But I think that'll change as the year goes by. I have gotten to know the girls on my floor more, which is good, they are a lot of fun. Abby and I got excited when a girl stopped by to say hi. We don't get many visitors.

I am also blessed in living in South by the other RAs. I have gotten to know them and they are great. Abby and I went to Justine's cross country meet last weekend and the RAs came with. That was the first time I really hung out with the girls outside of school and it was so much fun. I'm not sure if the meet was more fun or going to Culvers for dinner... actually I'm pretty sure Culvers. I have gotten to know one RA a little more than the others. I decided that she has the right amount of confidence an RA needs or any girl that is. Its not cockiness but the confidence in herself to carry herself in a way other people notice. Its nice to see other women of God like that. I know I have to have confidence in myself and how God made me. So I find encouragement in her.

I haven't adjusted all the way to not seeing Daniel every day. I ask God every day why we are at different schools. I know clearly why he is at his, but sometimes I wonder why He put me here. The last chapter in my devotions talked about being disciplined in time, body, will, mind, and emotions. I really enjoyed that chapter. I am realizing that I have to do a better job at being discipline at all of them. When dealing with being at different schools I know that I have to control my emotions to not blur God's will for me. The book defined emotions as-"consequence of our thinking and actions." (See Becoming a Woman of Excellence by Cynthia Heald.) When I get annoyed with being apart I have to remember to control my thinking to not get frustrated with God and his plan for me. Speaking of God's will... I was hoping to post something about Ecuador this past week. I was suppose to get a letter, but that didn't happen so I am still waiting. I am trying my best to be patient because I want to plan for next semester but it is hard because I do not know where I will be at.

My homework load has been slow. I am waiting for a book so I can start a paper. With all this time on my hands I know I would have been done with the book by now. Hopefully it comes soon, and the homework stays light. I love not being in basketball, I am able to do so many different things with my time. I love supporting teams to. There is always a game to go watch.

Well, that's all the thoughtful thinking I've got for now. I have had a nice Sunday. Church and breakfast at Royalberry with Thys and Courtney. It was delicious. Then I wrote a newspaper article and took a delightful nap- its the crawl into your bed and snuggle weather because its raining. Not sure what I am going to do the rest of the night/day. Got a Hall Council meeting at 8pm, ( I was elected by Chris Bohle, my RD to be president. Sounds official but its not. I love Hall Council though.) and other than that I got nothing. Hope all is well with everyone.

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