September 5, 2011

Labor Day

I have completed my first hour of Front Desk. It is an odd thing, doing Front Desk, I am not sure if it gives you some sort of authority, or just gives you the feeling of authority. When I was a freshman I use to wonder what goes on behind the tall wooden desk. Now, as a sophomore, I get the authority to handle small change, write in red ink, and administer ping pong equipment. WOW! I do have to admit I was a little nervous getting the load down of my duties; I think I have a small handle on what I  am doing. Abby had a bad experience closing, so I hope mine goes better. I work until eleven tonight. I am sad because I am missing the first Carpenter Bible study. It is a good time to meet all the girls at once and have them meet me. A lot of them look at me funny because they aren't sure who I am. I'm making enough money to pay for a trip to D.C's. I'd say its worth it. I can't wait to make my first sophomore trip there. I get to try out my new boots as well. We have plans to go in the next two weeks so I hope it works out.

I have been here for a week and one day now. I have been gone from my home for a week and two days. I think I am doing alright. Its a little hard for me to adjust to being back at Trinity. I love being home and having a daily routine. I have yet to establish a routine here. I know that once I do I will feel more at ease with everything. Having Labor day off has kinda put my homework mood on low. It was hard to get myself to do homework when I was only in school for three days.

I had a wonderful weekend with Daniel. He came up for the weekend and surprised me by coming in about four hours early on Friday. We spent twelve hours downtown on Saturday. We had both weather extremes, 90 degrees plus humidity and pouring down rain. I was excited about the rain, until my shoes began to change color because they were so wet causing my feet not to dry. We had delicious pizza but ate it standing in the rain. I didn't realize the place we ate was only take out. But it was still really good it warmed me up for sure. I think the salad I had was better then the pizza though.

Today, I did many odd things, but the highlight was going to Hyde Park near downtown. Abby, Rochelle, and   my friend from Decker Floor walked around for a while. It was a beautiful to walk around...

I got a visitor Front Desk so i will finish later...

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