August 24, 2011

The Count Down

Two more days until Thys, my mom, and I take off for Trinity. We are leaving at 6 am and plan on driving a long ways that day. I think around 16 hours. I have packed already three boxes full of clothes. I managed to only bring 8 pairs of jeans! Don't worry they will all be used. Just need to pack my shoes and the pictures book/pictures that help me when I feel home sick. And of course the bedding, and bathroom essentials. I'm trying my best to not bring a bunch of stuff this time...not sure its working.

This week of August has been extremely hot. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I've kept busy with sewing pillow cases and seat covers for my dorm room. When they are in their proper places I will post a picture. I thought I did a decent job. Of course my mom helped which was a good thing I tend to mess up the sewing machine when shes not around.

Going to Thys and mine's going away bbq tonight. Unless something major happens in my life my next post will be brought to you from Trinity!

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