August 31, 2011

Carpenter 127

Well, here you go, the pictures I promised of my room and the seat covers I made in place. I live with Abby in this room; Rochelle is in the next room. I have the bottom bunk, and the desk by the foot of the bottom bed  is mine. I thought we did a good job putting it together. 

Here is my little sitting area. My mom hung the curtains up. I said I wanted something to get away from my desk, but its not to far away. But how far can I really go?

The seat covers!
My friend walked in and looked at the room. She said it was very homey. That was just what I wanted my room to be this year. I think it'll work. 
Moving in wasn't so bad this year. One year of experience really helps. I am almost done with my first day of class, it kinda seems like I didn't miss a day. I guess thats good, but getting back into studying will be a challenge. 

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